Wednesday, 8 July 2009

More Drag Race Memories

More Triumph Drag Bike magic from Rowan .
I think this is a later incarnation of the bike pictured in an earlier post , I`m loving the swoopy bodywork .
I`d really like to know more about the specs of that engine .


  1. what can i say.... it had triumph cases... ha ha
    chrome molly studs and rods, resleeved to take wiseco hand forged high com pistons, ended up at 958cc or so the arguments went.... supercharger scavenged off a marine race motor, quaife box with burman 3 speed internals shoehorned in (much welding and machining), drilled oilways, hyde oil pump and hand forged cams from the swiss mortek company.... it was endless... and constantly changing , constantly eat triplex primary chains and valve gides were always a problem till we machined to fit locking caps to them... you name it we had tried it by then... took it over to Ricardos rolling road and afterwards we tried Nitrous.... and that finally killed it.. ha ha turned out the guage was fucked and instead of 3lb it pushed 14lb of nitrous into it... didnt half go bang

  2. Ha Ha .. yeah , I bet that made quite a noise !