Tuesday 20 December 2011

On the Go .


.....I haven`t been good , but can I have one of these please ?

Tank for Sale #SOLD##

This one is going on eVilBay after Christmas .
Fifties moped tank , looks like it`s made from Wassel peanut type pressings , but it`s narrower and has a rib down the middle . Shallow tunnel and offset cap .
Drop me a line if you`re interested .

Length 15"
Width 6.5"
Height 7"
Tunnel 2"wide 2.75" deep

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Parts Wanted

Anyone got a SLS 8" brake plate they want to swap for the TLS version on the bike pictured ?


Mr Kaz took his BSA to the HRCS , fitted with the ribbed tank I sold him . Tasteful as ever , nice work Kaz .

Seasick who ?

Thursday 20 October 2011


Some people follow trends , some people start them . Mr.Kaz is the latter .
Proper mudguards , good brakes and a swinging arm , whatever next !
Go and click Triumpher in the reading list for more .
Nicely done Kaz . Arigato !

Friday 14 October 2011

Tank for Sale . ##SOLD##


I`ve got this tank up for sale , comes with a tap and a cap .
I`ve included a couple of vintage ads showing very similar tanks . The older ad is pinched from the Show and Go blog and shows this style tank available from Cosmopolitan Motors in 1961 , they were importers (to the USA ) of italian exotica like Gran Turismo grips , Ceriani forks and Borrani rims .
The other ad is pinched from Nostalgia on Wheels and shows the same tanks being sold by Chicago Cycle Supply in the late sixties .
If you like vintage custom stuff , you realy should be reading Nostalgia.o.W and Show and Go , they`re both excellent and both linked in my recommended reading list .
I`ve also included a picture of Mark Drews bike running this style tank (pinched from Greasy Kulture magazine , also excellent , also in the reading list ).

The tank has a couple of dings in the top and a craptacular paintjob ! Please e.mail me for more pics and info . Also note , this tank is pretty small , I am happy to provide exact dimensions on request , so please don`t buy it and then ask for a refund because it won`t work out for your stroker Shovelhead tourer project.!

Sunday 13 February 2011

Just a Note

All the For Sales listed below are now on e.bay .
Cheers .

Saturday 12 February 2011

Picked at Random.

Friday 11 February 2011

Wassell Tank for sale ##SOLD##

Really nice clean Peanut tank for sale , never been mounted on a bike . It has the `Wassell ~ Burntwood` logo in the tunnel .
e.mail for price and details .

Vintage Headlight Bracket for sale

Nice clean headlight bracket for sale . Takes side mount 5.5" light , bolts straight onto bottom yoke .
e.mail for price and details .

21" Rim for Sale ##SOLD##

Nice clean 21" Radaelli rim , never been laced . 40 spoke holes , for your Brit or HD hub . e.mail for details and price .

Ribbed Mudguard for Sale ##SOLD##

Nice old 5" wide ribbed mudguard , good quality thick steel .
e.mail for details and price .

NOS Tyre for Sale ##SOLD##

Dunlop `Speedway` tyre 350/19 NOS . e.mail for details and price .

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Hagon in `78

Alf Hagon and his JAP V Twin are the cover stars of this 1978 edition of `On Two Wheels` . Inside , a pretty good article about sprinting . Clck the pics a couple of times to read the article .

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Tank for Sale ##SOLD##

Green tank for sale from a CZ . Comes with tap and nicely shaped cap . These tanks are about the same length as a Wassell Banana tank , but a little taller and wider . They have a nice flat rib that runs down the centre and a raised boss around the cap .
There`s some surface rust as you can see in the pictures , but it`s solid and clean inside with no dents . Decent looking stock mounts , ready to bolt on and run.
E.mail me for more details .