Tuesday 25 January 2011

Tank for Sale ##SOLD##

Green tank for sale from a CZ . Comes with tap and nicely shaped cap . These tanks are about the same length as a Wassell Banana tank , but a little taller and wider . They have a nice flat rib that runs down the centre and a raised boss around the cap .
There`s some surface rust as you can see in the pictures , but it`s solid and clean inside with no dents . Decent looking stock mounts , ready to bolt on and run.
E.mail me for more details .

For Sale . Triumph Rigid Handlebars #sold#

I`ve got these Triumph handlebars for sale .
They are from the early telescopic fork models , before the nacelle came in ( 1945~`48). Nice bend , 1" diameter with 15/16" reduced end for the throttle . They`ve been shotblasted back to bare metal . Really nice bars , you could run slightly dropped ~ racer style or pushed up on a set of risers .
E.mail for details and price .

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More Monkey Business

Musical Interlude....

....dedicated to Guy and anyone else who spent the early eighties listening to Cliff Gallup guitar licks!

I think this clip must be from around `80 , just before the line up changed .

Monday 24 January 2011

NOS Tank for Sale ###SOLD###

Don`t really want to let this go , but I`ve got this NOS Wassell Banana tank (made in England in the tunnel, factory rib and offset filler) . If you want to save it from the e.Bay vultures , drop me an e.mail for details and price .
I`ve never seen one quite like this before , anyone got a catalogue with it in ?

Monkey Business

In the early eighties , it seemed you couldn`t turn round without bumping into a band called the `something` Cats ......Stray Cats ~ it wasn`t very cool to say you liked them , but everybody had the first album (IMO Brian AlkaSeltzer is a knob).......Polecats ~ they had a little chart success , dressed a bit gay , had the excellent Boz Boorer on guitar......Blue Cats ~ best of the bunch , proper authentic sound , great choice of material , I played their self titled Rockhouse album till it wore out .
Anyway , Clive Osbourne played sax on that first Blue Cats LP and on the 4th of Feb it`s his birthday , so to celebrate , there`s a party down at the Brass Monkey . The Arousers , Thee Missing Finks (with some idiot on Bass) and Clive`s band The Sufin` Gorillas .
See flyer for details.

Monday 10 January 2011

Sad , Bad News.

Gutted to read over on Guys `Greasy Kulture` blog that Johnny `sLowrider` Routledge passed away . I`m sure many readers of this blog will know him via Jockey Journal or Dirty Bobbers .
I don`t really know what to say at times like this , so I`ll talk about what I do know . He was a talented , straight talking bloke and his Flathead/Triumph chop was one of the best thought out , nicely proportioned bikes I`ve seen .
RIP Johnny , my thoughts are with your loved ones .


....due , to the faithful few , who keep looking in on this blog . I`ve been a little too busy to post anything lately , here`s one of the reasons why...