Monday 13 December 2010


A few more from Kaz .
The two K models , with the Flat Tracker 19" Allys , really do it for me . Love that style .

This one...... hitting the target .
It`s virtually stock
and it`s a BSA
but I`m digging this bike . a Whistle.

Nice Geezer Steve , from the Stockers , has a workshop that puts my dingy , crammed little Garage to shame . Never mind all that though ,what I wanna know is , is that my old tank on the bench Steve ?

Friday 10 December 2010



Mr .Kaz sent me so many excellent pics , I think I`m going to have to post them up in a few sets .
Thank You so much Kaz .

Friday 26 November 2010

It`s been too long......

...since we had a Squariel.

Subtle rake gives a stance similar to `Grapevine` . I love Girder forks , but I can`t help thinking the chromed stock front end would be hard to top .

Tuesday 9 November 2010


Big thanks to Ben , for sending me this link to a nice feature on one of Bobby Sirkegians Thunderbirds......

Friday 5 November 2010


Mark Drews new Pre Unit .

Friday 29 October 2010

You Finally Find , Your Helpless Mind.... stuck inside your skin,
You want to leave ,
But you believe,
You won`t be back again.


`You start the swerve,
The downward curve ,
That catches up your fears ,
Each thing you do ,
Comes home to you ,
Pounds inside your ears,

You start the fight ,
Against the night ,
It screams inside your mind,
There`s something black,
Against your back ,
It grabs you from behind.

Reverberation .`

Sunday 24 October 2010

Si Baroni

The Favourites list just got one link longer....

This is a Public Service Announcement...

.....with Guitars!

For reasons I don`t fully understand , I seem to be able to receive e.mails from some people , but not reply to them . So if you`ve mailed me and you`re thinking what a rude fucker I am for not getting back to you , this is why . I know I`ve sent stuff to Richie B in the US and Ron Van in the Netherlands which hasn`t got through , apologies to you two , `normal ` service will be resumed ASAP .

Still missing Link .

Saturday 23 October 2010

Van the Man

Nice guy Ron , from the Netherlands, e.mailed to say he had received one of the 4" NOS lights from me . He also sent me some shots of his lovely `51 5T project . This thing is gonna be great , some really choice period custom parts , mixed with a stock frame and front end .My kind of bike ! Keep the progress pictures coming Ron .

Whilst we` on the subject of these lights , I notice the headlight on Tim O`Keefe`s beautiful Panhead is very similar in style . When this bike was featured in Street Chopper , the headlight was described as `early AEE` . Any AEE experts out there know if these are the same units rebranded ?

Saturday 9 October 2010

NOS Accessories for Sale 2

I`ve got a couple of these NOS Headlights for sale . They are 4" diameter and have a neat little peak built into the rim , twin filament 35/35w bulb fitted , easy to upgrade to something brighter if you want .
These are marked as made in Japan , but are identical to the ones shown in this page from the 1963 Hap Jones catalogue , I`ve included a picture of the `Red Baron `bike , which is sporting the same headlight .
E.mail me for details and price .