Monday, 13 December 2010 a Whistle.

Nice Geezer Steve , from the Stockers , has a workshop that puts my dingy , crammed little Garage to shame . Never mind all that though ,what I wanna know is , is that my old tank on the bench Steve ?


  1. Blimey....Eyes like a Hawk Aub !!! yer on the money mate, How it got to be in my hands is a long long story...Thanks for the nice words mate x

  2. good old eagle eyes... you always spot the unobvious mate... yes steve has your old tank, andy sold the project on and steve was in the middle... :)

  3. I`ve got a theory that all the nice bike parts in the UK are on journey to Steves place . You may think you own them , but it`s just temporary , Steve`s garage is calling them like moths to a flame .
    I`m glad to see that tank in good hands . Shame Andy didn`t finish his Ironhead , but I guess he has his reasons .
    Nice to see you two are so alert . Always a pleasure fellas .:)