Wednesday 29 September 2010

Going , going ..... gone .

I`m posting this up for some nice folks in the US I have bought parts from . The entire inventory of Brit Bike parts is up for auction , there`s some proper tasty bits in there . This is somewhat out of my league , but I know there`s a few out there who could deal with this .....

Saturday 25 September 2010

Speed Freak

Loving this .

Tuesday 21 September 2010


`Speed and Custom ` Love the Chopper Pot .

Sunday 19 September 2010

6 66

Mr Kaz , the Triumper , on his travels .
Check out his blog in the linkbar .

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Bad Influence 4

Couldn`t really leave this one out , although I may be pushing the ten year marker a little here .
I first saw this one on the old Greasy Kulture site (the framed pics are pinched from there , hope you don`t mind Guy !).
I think this bike was a major influence in reviving the original Showbike styling of the early sixties . Looks way better with the blackwall tyre , as seen in the earlier shots .
I particularly like the seaweed flames paint , `Grapevine` style oiltank and the way the front end has had a subtle lowering ,combined with a 300 by 19 tyre , to give a perfect stance .

Friday 10 September 2010


Tuesday 7 September 2010

Bad Influence 3

If we`re talking influential Triumph builds from the last ten years (and I am ), it`s difficult to ignore this one .
I first saw this bike back in 2004 when it was featured in the Horse magazine , of course , a few years later someone lent me a copy of Choppertown , in which the bike is heavily featured .
Whilst this is a great bike , I really preferred the other Triumph in the film , with the raked out Springer front end . But in terms of influence , this bike certainly has the edge . The tall tall Tee bars , shaved Sportster front end and strutless mudguard have influenced many builds , both Vee and Parallel twin alike .

Sunday 5 September 2010


`Yeah , I know you want the Zip kit , but do you want a Dixie or an American .`

Thursday 2 September 2010

Turn Ups and Tigers