Friday, 3 July 2009

Promotional Material 1940

How cool is that shot of Felix Passot , hillclimbing on a rigid/girders bike will make a hero of anyone.


  1. That is a very cool photo of Felix Passot , the 500 cc triumph he is riding was one of a hand full that were brought into the U.S. When raced at first they were fantasic but barrel to crankcase failure was a big problem. During WWII triumph redesigned the barrels to eight studs not six that made the cylinders stronger and made Turners design almost perfect.

  2. we used the 9 or even better if supercharged the 11 stud convertions for our 6Ts that we Drag raced... and still blew em apart.. ha ha

  3. Yeah , I think Triumph , along with every other British manufacturer , were happy to let the customers do the R&D . Turners Speed Twin design was basically right though, because it just kept getting tweaked , right up to the T140V.
    Anon , thanks for the comment , sign up and let us know who you are .
    Rowan , I`d love to post some of your old Drag Racing pics , I bet you`ve got some in that cupboard of yours !

  4. will dig some out and send em to you mate...