Sunday, 5 July 2009

Drag Race Memories

I was really pleased to be sent these pictures by friend of the blog , Rowan .
They show him and his Supercharged 6T, racing at Black Bush Raceway in an NDRC event circa 1980/81 . Check out the blown up engine , there`s no rebuilding that one!
Also included is a shot of `Wild Thing` , a Hillman Imp engined Drag Bike . You`ve got to love the crazy riding position and all round insanity of this thing! Must have been fantastic , and more than a little scary, to blat down the strip .
Cheers Rowan .


  1. Tis a pleasure mate.... when that blew the visor on that old simpson helmet got covered in oil... i very nearly killed more than just the engine.. ha ha... and yes wild thing was incredible... he had big balls that bloke believe me... his chin was 5" off the tarmac at 150mph