Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Who needs a sprung seat....

...when you`ve got a sprung hub?

Cool as found period custom `51 Thunderbird .
I like the way the skinnier than stock front tyre changes the stance .


  1. I still wake up in a cold sweat having had another nightmare about riding a sprung hub again.... whoever thought of that should be in the group thats first against the wall.....

  2. Sorry to give you nightmares Rowan . Like the Slickshift gearboxes , those hubs seem to galvanize opinion! .
    I suppose, at the very worst, it was a clever way of offering rear suspension without a big re tooling cost.

  3. think you hit the nail on the head when you consider what year they came out (late in the year too) and what others were doing

  4. That seat has a nice look to it.
    Something tells me the sprung hub was a lot like the Amen Savior Frame?
    The springs kinda worked, you know, in reverse?

  5. it was the wollowing about side to side that i remember with such vivid horror

  6. Actually Richie , that set up with the stock tank and banana seat reminded me of a certain someones Triumph.
    Sounds like seasick tablets are in order Rowan , and clean underpants.