Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Black Cherry

Another one built by our 1970s correspondant , Rowan.
Love this little ES2 chop , it gives a real insight into how parts were mixed and matched , back in the days before old bikes became classic bikes .
I know there`s a Triumph picture in there too ,but it was too nice to take out.
Check out the lovely paintwork and that tasteful sissy bar and fork combo.

Some Specs;

1948 ES2 500cc taken to 600cc using wiseco drop forged series high comp piston
Triumph Hardtail frame welded and extended at rear... one of the front frame downtubes was kinked to take the single exhaust
Mk I Amal
Triumph 4 speed (thunderbird) gearbox and clutch
Norton old tin hoover band style Primary
Sprung Hub... oops
4" single drum on 21"-1'75 rim front.. another oooopps
Jammer 12" over Girders... 5ยบ kick out on legs
Sprung Solo, P Pad, fat bob R fender, cats eye rear, bates 5" head
risers and drags
bay area sissy and harley sidestand... eventually had a fishtail but not in this picture
self mixed 'Black Cherry' using various metalflake candys over black base... gold leaf... and lots and lots of crystal clear

Rowan , I think you`ve probably forgotten more about trad choppers than I`ll ever know .


  1. another oops ... it was an Amal MK1 concentric

    Sorry mate,typing error

  2. Slick build. Thanks for posting that.

  3. Ain`t it a beauty ?
    Changed the text Rowan , think that was my fault.

  4. ha.. ha... have a confession, when building it i ordered 10" over girders... so built the set up around that... 12" overs arrived from states and it was too late to change so i used em... of course the sidestand didnt work, it just leaned too far, so first show i took a bit of wood to put under it, then after had to weld a big lump of steel on the end of the sidestand.... god it looked horrid... but there you go that was a lesson well learnt.. ha ha

  5. notice the brick under the sidestand,,,, Doh

  6. Ha ha , didn`t do the way it sits any harm though did it .
    I`m curious about that frame , did you add the duplex down tubes ?

  7. yep was a dilema, had this 6T frame and gearbox sitting in a corner and the ES2 motor sitting in the other..... well obviously a single wouldnt fit, twin downtubes was the answer but if wishboned to clear the exhaust it was just too wide for the motor and ugly, after quite a few drinks i thought oh fuck it i'll just do the tubes so they look correct and put a bend in around the exhaust... simples