Saturday 28 September 2013

New Missing Finks single out now.

So we`ve finally got the single pressed up and ready to hit the turntables ! If you like organ driven 60`s Garage Punk you`ll probably like this . It`s on e.bay here..... .....or you can buy direct by dropping me an e.mail. There will be a list of distributors and independent record shops soon , once I get confirmation . You can hear a little taster here.... You can mail order the single through Copasetic . I`ve noticed that if you Google the band , a bunch of stuff pops up with our old line up , I`m hoping adding a few choice search words here will bring this post up instead ; FINK FINKS THEE MISSING THE ITCH GARAGE PUNK SINGLE HASTINGS ORGAN ZERO INFINITY BRIGHTON UK SIXTIES BANANA MONKEY SPOON TARMAC LETTUCE CREEPERS SHOVELL BRONCO LOVELESS SINE WAVES SOUTH EAST ENGLAND BRITAIN SHAZBOT DON`T LIKE THE YOU TUBE CLIPS OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER TOO STUPID TO CARE STAY SICK KNIF MOUTH PRETTY BIG VOICES HEAD SHINDIG MAIL ORDER BUDGET ROCK AND ROLL

1 comment:

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