Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stacked Deck

I realise I`m about two weeks behind the rest of the civilised world , but I just got my hands on the newest Dice mag.
I have to say that , for me , Jeff Deckers Triumph is far and away the coolest thing in there .
Aside from the obvious (the rarity of the model and having all the right parts ), it`s the restraint that`s been shown in the restoration . So many times , I`ve been to look at bikes which have been `restored`, only to find the sellers definition of a restoration is to make the bike way shinier than it was when it left the factory and `upgrade` the bits they see fit . Nothing wrong with personalising a bike , but a restoration that ain`t !
Back to Deckers bike , how cool is that rubber Dunlop saddle and factory cylinder oil tank . Classy!

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