Monday, 5 April 2010

Read This!!

Roo had his BSA stolen , from around the Tonbridge area of Kent today .
If you get offered a dodgy A7 , reg no TSL 120 , ca7 4727(eng) , ga7 6363(frame),
or parts of it , contact me via e.mail, or leave a comment . You can comment anonymously and you don`t have to be registered as a blogger .
This is not a rich mans plaything , it`s a proper working bike , that the owner has a ton of history with , the man needs his bike back .


  1. Good luck.
    I hate hearing this stuff.
    My only advice is to saturate the internet with this.
    I'm convinced in got Dan Druff his bike back.
    No reason it can't work again.

  2. Cheers Richie , lets hope ,with the internet , there are less places for thieves to hide now.
    Dan Druff did get his bike back , no reason it shouldn`t happen again .
    btw ~ I`m liking your new avatar thingy .