Monday, 4 January 2010

Fin on the Ground

Is this the most desirable vintage Triumph tuning part in existence ? Anyone know how many of these things were actually made ?
There`s something sexy about the way the fins on the top end look against the fins on the cover .


  1. very rare now... you could say they're a bit fin on the ground.... sorry!

  2. Do you have the rest of that article.It started to say something about an earlier cover?? I have the early cover & it's for sale on ebay. Paul has an ad from the 40's on his blog & that's my cover!!I think the one I have was made in the 40's and the Award cycle was later maybe early{ 60's}??Thanks Mike

  3. Sorry Mike , that is all I have .
    I think the Award Cycle covers were for unit bikes , so I`m guessing post `63 ?
    Good luck with the sale , must be tough to let that go !

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