Sunday, 29 November 2009

Folkstone , the Wind , the Jooks , the Stars .

Took a little trip up into Kent last night , to see my mates the Royal Stars do a gig with the Jooks of Kent .
Halfway there , I started to think it wasn`t to be . Felt like gale force winds and driving rain were trying to blow us right back across Romney Marshes .
We struggled on and I have to say it was worth the trip. Good music , great people , what more could you ask for ?
Managed to finally meet up with Chris , Scarlett and Tim , who , aside from being the Jooks of Kent , are the driving force behind the Dirty Bobbers forum (see link bar ). Great band , great people .
Note to self , don`t go out and not drink , you fucking hate it , make Jelly Ellis drive next time .


  1. Oooh, I likey! Is the top video, the Royal Stars, from the Wayback Machine night you advertised a while ago. The Jooks sound durty.

  2. Gary , the Royal Stars footage is from a gig in Medway they did with the Effective . Wayback Machine is a night a good friend of mine is promoting locally (Hastings ).
    Those Jooks are dirty and raw , they were great .
    I thought this might be your kinda thing .

  3. They are right up my strasse. And, small world, our genius art collaborator Chris Watson lives in Hastings. He's a cool cat. G