Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tangerine Dream vs Hinckley

If you`re at all interested in Vintage Triumphs , it won`t have escaped you that this year marks the 50th anniversary of probably the most famous Triumph of them all , the Bonneville.
I noticed today that one of the big classic bike mags has a feature this month on 50 years of the Bonneville , in which they imply a direct lineage from the `59 you see pictured above to the currently available Hinckley Bonnevilles.
I know I`ve made this point here before , but this is just not the case . Don`t get me wrong , several people whose opinion I respect have told me that the new bikes are good to ride and I am pleased to see a British product doing well.
However , just by buying the right to use a name , you don`t buy a place in biking history , some things are just not for sale.


  1. its not even a bastard child of a real triumph..... if i call an apple a banana it still wont have grown on a bunch....

  2. Trouble is , in the internet age , it seems like , if you say something enough times , it becomes the truth . It`s obviously in certain peoples financial interest for this lineage to become the truth .