Saturday, 7 March 2009

Glittercycle vs Megacycle

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me awake all night. Does anyone actually know if Bob Aquistapaces bike and Larry Howards `Glittercycle` are actually the same machine??


  1. I always assumed they were the same bike, that was redone before Roth got it and after. In the Roth Choppers magazine article the bike has dual AMAL carbs with remote floats. On the current version it has 1970's era dual POSA fuel injectors with ingnition coils mounted where the dual floats would be. It also has a Hallcraft front mini disc hub (with no rotor)from the 70's instead of the original spool. From what I've heard on the JJ the bike truck and cycle are being restored by Fritz and will be covered in Iron Horse magazine.

  2. Thanks , it was the Fritz thing that set me thinking about it again . Looks like I might have to start buying Iron Horse again!

  3. Thanks mindpill , that`s the pot calling the kettle black.