Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Monkey Business

Musical Interlude....

....dedicated to Guy and anyone else who spent the early eighties listening to Cliff Gallup guitar licks!

I think this clip must be from around `80 , just before the line up changed .


  1. Fantastic... (except for those dancers. Were they borrowed off Seaside Special?).

    Seeing that clip reminds me, I was in some shop in Tokyo in December when Dave Phillips & the Hot Rod Gang's version of 'Tainted Love' came over the speakers (Mark Harman on geetar!). Another scorching track from the early days of UK rockabilly...

  2. Ha ha yeah , those dancers ! I`ve got it in my head that this from French TV , not sure why . Maybe I`ll ask Clive on the 4th , if I remember.
    That Hot Rod Gang stuff was great , Mark Harman is a fantastic guitar player , I remember going to see Restless at the Fulham Greyhound , the geezer from the pub had written on the blackboard outside `Tonite Only ~ the Wrestlers `.