Wednesday, 9 June 2010



  1. Now this is an advert that takes me back, I owned the shop and at the time I was fitting hardtails mostly to jap bikes, which at the time was what the Brits loved to chop and customise. We did do the bolt ons for Triumphs but the hey day of those was waining by then. I sold the shop about 15 years ago (its still in business) and moved to New Zealand, where I still indulge in Motorcycles though with only a population of only 4 million, there aren't a lot of customisers. My missus still runs her 500 unit chopper that we bought with us and I am revamping my Pan, a T120 and a Kawa KZ1300 trike. still it keeps me in the shed on the cold winter days. Thanks for the nostalgia,

  2. Jon , This is the kind of stuff I love to hear about . Thanks for your response .If you feel like sending me any pics (new or old) I`ll post them up here .