Thursday, 20 May 2010

Selling Jesus

You kill me with your smelly fingers ,
Your smelly fingers from the sex you had on Christmas Day,
And now you say you`re feeling guilty ,
Feeling guilty `cos your god was shining on your face ,
You go to church and light a candle ,
Then you`re blinded by the light from all the golden pews ,
The Devil`s snapping at your toes now ,
Because the Angels can`t be bothered to live up to you.

They`re selling Jesus again,
They`re selling Jesus again ,
They want your soul, money , blood and your votes,
They`re selling Jesus again ,
Selling love to you .

You`re buying this , you`re buying that now ,
You`re wishing all the money in the world belonged to you ,
You`re crucified upon your own cross now ,
You gave your money to the white men in the white limo ,
What kind of God is always man made ?
They made him up , then wrote a book to keep you on your knees ,
They get their theories from the same place ,
Then build a church if there`s some money left from lying on a beach.

They`re selling Jesus again.......
Selling love to you .

Picture courtesy of Sprung Hubs and Hardtales (see linkbar) , lyrics courtesy of Skunk Anansie .


  1. Jesus Forgives
    i hold a grudge....

  2. Got to be a chocolate Jesus
    Keep me satisfied...

    Sorry, I've been on a Tom Waits kick lately.

  3. Prompted me to dig out the Skunk anansie again...cheers Mr Link!