Saturday, 10 April 2010


` Back in`68 in a sweaty club
Before Jimmys machine and the rocksteady rub
On a night when the flowers didn`t suit my shoes
After a week of flunking and bunking school ,
The lowest head in the crowd that night ,
Just practising steps and keeping out of the fights .

`Academic inspiration , you gave me none ,
You were Michael the Lover , the fighter that won .`


  1. Brilliant still got the Geno album i bought in 1968, Hipsters Flipsters and Finger Poppin Daddies. In fact i may just do a post on it with a link to here if i may ?..

  2. That`d be great Pete . I just reread this and realised I missed out the best lines ......

    `He hit the stage with a towel swinging high ,
    That man was my Bombers , my Dexys , my high `