Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Caution ; Stolen Content.

Borrowed this from Gasketpants , check it out via the link in my reading list.
I wonder if they`d still give a free replacement if anything cracked or broke ?


  1. love that... i'd forgotten about that material... everybody wanted Naugahyde... whatever happened to the fantastic naugahyde... ha ha

  2. The Nauga became an endangered species in the early 80's because of that craze.
    I'd kill for one of those bodies on. say. a flat track bike.
    The average biker LARP's (there's another definition for you missinglink!) collective heads would explode.

  3. ha..ha.. Yeah , I heard there are only a few Nauga`s left in the wild now , they have a breeding pair in a zoo though .
    Richie , I`m trying to work out what a LARP is , but I keep coming back to Los Angeles Rectum Police .

  4. i dont see what the problem with naughareens (collective name) was as they shed their skin twice a year and it was the shed skin we all used back then.... LARP's aren't they some kinda northern breakfast dish

  5. LARP, you know....Live Action Role Playing.
    The Dungeons and Dragons type.
    The sort of folks you'd see (In the States anyhow) as cast members of Ren festivals, American Revolution and Civil War re-enactments and of course, dressed up at your local "Biker" bar.

  6. I`m pleased to hear the Naug harvest was humane back then Rowan , hate to think of the little fellas suffering .
    I get the LARP thing now , we don`t really have a word for that in England .
    I`m definitely with you on the flat track thing , maybe 19"ers both ends and a unit Tri motor .