Sunday, 20 September 2009

Japanese customs

Variations on a theme ~ I like it .


  1. I dig 'em!
    Especially the black & silver one.
    I think it's high time I paint my bike.

  2. them japanese catch on bloody fast dont they... very nice, have they really got that many trumps lying around over there or are they importing them i wonder

  3. There were certainly Triumph dealerships in Japan in the 50s , however , I suspect most of these made their way there via . I wonder if the current financial situation will result in a resurgance of chopped domestic machines ?
    I particularly like the pre~unit with the mags , it shouldn`t work , but it does .

  4. yes but what about that finned primary.... thats rare

  5. Now you mention it , what the fuck is the back wheel on that bike ?