Monday, 24 August 2009


BIKER (Byke~err); A Biker is someone who likes bikes .
Bikers must have all of the following:
#a beard

#a leather jacket

#a CD by the band Gaye Bykers on Acid

Bikers live life by a strict code , if they see a `bro`(fellow biker) stranded at the roadside , they must stop and help , unless:

#the `bro` has only stopped to call recovery about a problem with his onboard CD player

# the `bro` works for a rival Law Firm/ advertising agency.

# the Biker is late for a meeting about share options/pensions

#the Bro looks like he might have a knife.

1 comment:

  1. Stopping is always obligitory if they are both wearing the same HOG patch, even if its only to compare Rally pins while waiting for the HOG assistance recovery truck to attend..... of course this only applies if the Bro uses the correct rideout hand signal....