Tuesday, 3 March 2009

JoMo Mojo

I`ve had Harry Woolridge`s book `SpeedTwin and Thunderbird Bible` for a while now and it`s a real source of inspiration . Lots of detailed technical info. plus those artists renderings they used to use for advertising .

A couple of pictures in it really grab my attention , though . In the section dealing with the `47 Speed Twin , there`s two shots of a bike which it says was customised by Johnson Motors .

The caption just says it`s what JoMo told the Meridan factory they should do to improve the design.

I had to make do with just enjoying the pictures , until I found this;
and more specifically these pictures and info.

Ain`t the internet wonderful sometimes ?


  1. I really enjoyed looking at all these old pictures of Triumph bikes, it reminds me of my first option project I did at secondary school, I loved the Triumph and Harley Davidson bikes. I went to great detail drawing all the parts. I used to believe I would own a Harley one day but I was too chicken. The dream is greater than reality.
    Thanks for the memories.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them , keep looking in , there will be plenty more . Keep dreaming , never say never.

  3. Nice one. I knew the other photos of that bike were out there from seeing them on the Nostalgia on Wheels blog but didn't know if they came from a old magazine or what. Now I know what book to be looking for next. Thanks for connecting some dots and the link. Your blog is bitchin' too.


  4. Paul , All the books in that set are well worth having . Thanks for posting the other stuff , I`m enjoying your blog very much.